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Founder, Director  At  Ilmtech
  Mumbai, India
Hey there! I'm the founder & director of Ilmtech - a Mumbai-based ed-tech startup. I design software for schools & libraries to make education more accessible & engaging. After completing my B.E in Computer Engineering, I wo ...
Product Development
UX Design
Web Applications
Full Stack Development
Software Engineer  At  Red Hat
  Bhubaneswar, India
I have been a software developer for more than 2 years now. I can help you strengthen your skills in Web development and APIs. I am a part of Red Hat as a Software Engineer and can help you get started/contribute to open source software. I have a ...
Web Development
Full Stack Development
$50  / month  |  4 Sessions / month
User Experience Designer  At  Walmart Global Tech
  Bengaluru, India
I'm Prashant Manda, an Interaction Designer from National institute of Design, Bangalore. I bring a diverse collective of 4 years of professional experience that involve solving design problems for News agencies, QSRs in Delhi, Staffing & ...
Design Thinking
Portfolio Performance Analys ...
Product Design
User Experience Design
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Sr Software Engineer | Hiring Ba ...  At  Amazon
  Hyderabad, India
Career Development
Cloud Applications
Code Review
Distributed Systems
Software Design
Vice President - Engineering  At  Dhani Loans & Services Ltd.
  Noida, India
Driving technology for Products used by Millions of people 14+ Years of Experience Sound knowledge of Web Technologies, System Design, Performance, Database, Cloud and Tools Speaks at tech conferences Writes ...
Database Design
Product Innovation
System Architecture
Technology Development
Training & Development
$20  / month  |  4 Sessions / month
Software development engineer 2  At  Zeta
  Jodhpur, India
I have 3+ years of experience working in a unicorn startup and 5+ years of personal experience working on tech in school and college. I can guide students on various tech topics such as frontend development, backend development, system design, etc
Data Structures and Algorith ...
Spring Boot
System design
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CTO, Quality/Content Moderator  At  DoubtConnect
  Chennai, India
I have been a part of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) contribution for the past 3 years and have started my own project based out of google's android project with my own implementation of Features, New UI design and concepts, Testing and ...
Android Development
Senior Architect - Cloud computing  At  Google
  Delhi, India
I have been in technology industry for last 12 years focusing towards newer aspects of technology from DevOps to ML to serverless computing. Been part of organisations like Intel, Amazon and now Google gave me clarity on how these organisation ...
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Computer Science
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
AWS Serverless Application R ...
Senior Software Engineer  At  Cvent
  Delhi, India
I have 5+ years of experience working in payment/transaction systems. I am an Oracle Certified Java developer and going to be an AWS cloud architect. I have been mentored by the best design architects and Rest API architects to build the distrib ...
Java Certified Programmer
Spring Boot