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Appreciation from people

Assistant consultant and Testing
Ascensive Technologies

I have learnt a lot from MentorIF.
This platform has given me confidence and I have learnt new skills also. I am recommending MentorIF to students and people who want to learn new skills because they provide training according to the companies and our goals.

Technical Lead
HCL Technologies

I am associated with MentorIF as a Python and Django mentor. It is an excellent platform to provide and receive professional IT training.
I really like the platform and the idea behind it. My experience with the company has been really good. There are good number of students and mentors associated with it.

Senior Data Scientist

So many Ed-tech companies are working towards content but are missing the roles of mentors. Content is not an issue; there is too much content available on the web.
We need a mentor who will guide and help us to do hands-on. A mentor can guide students in right direction and accelerate the learning.
I am associated with MentorIF as Data Science Mentor. I have done a couple of training sessions and hope to do many more.
I would definitely recommend MentorIF to students and mentors.

Senior Solution Architect

Thank you for providing me with such a great platform, which helped me connect and mentor people. During my very first mentorship session on the platform, I felt the amount of interest it was creating in people wanting to learn the skill. Mentorif, is a perfect platform which helps in connecting Mentors and Mentees.
Gaurav Kudos for building such an engagement platform to help people develop and advance their career by learning different skills.
I highly recommend any person whether Mentee/Mentor, to come & explore the platform to get the feel on the next level of training/mentorship.

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