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How MentorIF Works


Find your mentor and chat real-time to discuss your queries or talk to our support team. MentorIF helps you find the right mentors and trainings. You don't pay for talking to mentors.


Checkout trainings hosted by mentors or contact us for customized training requirements. Subscribe to training with one click. Trainings are video-based and online live led by experts.


Experts help you kick start and develop projects. Whether you are a student or working professional. Mentors nurture, guide and train you through-out.


Our unique mentor-led real-life project driven approach guarantee learning. Projects included in training are inspired from mentors' experience or based on your requirements.

Training Types

Different training types are supported. You can easily find this information on hosted trainings. You can also ask your mentors for specific type of training based on your requirements.

Training hosted for one person (personalized) or many people subscribed but mentor train one person at a time e.g. mock interview. Multiple people can subscribe to this training but mentor evaluate individual learner's skills by conducting 1:1 mock interviews.
One mentor host training and mutiple people subscribe to it. All subscribers join training sessions at scheduled time. Mentor can also limit the maximum number of subscribers to training.
Multiple mentors train a group of learners under a training. One mentor host a training and invite other mentors to co-host on same training. It is an extension to 1:many training, benefiting learners to learn from multiple mentors in one training.
Mentor record their learning in videos and host video training. People can subscribe to training and watch the videos based on their schedule. Subscribers can clarify their doubts and ask questions directly to mentor, without any time limit from subscribe date.

You do we will support

Cyber Security Researcher, Freelancer
Data Scientist, Walmart
Senior Manager UI Architect, Microfocus
Engineering Manager, Ajio
  •   Online live mentor-led training
  •   Build projects and technologies from scratch
  •   In-depth understanding of technologies and tools
  •   Detailed architecture and design understanding
  •   Build your own projects portfolio
  •   Start freelancing to earn immediately
  •   Interact with mentors
  •   Get references and recommendations
  •   Upskilling and interview preparation
  •   Guaranteed job placement

How MentorIF different


  •   No content creation required to host training
  •   Host your training in 2 minutes
  •   Own your training and it's benefits
  •   Choose your format live hands-on or self paced video-based
  •   Easily manage your training sessions & subscribers
  •   Help others with their short and long term learning requirements
  •   Build your reputation and personal brand


  •   No more wasting time finding a right mentor
  •   No more wasting time convincing mentors to help you
  •   Learn directly from vetted experts who have direct or similar experience
  •   Structured and progressive way to get started and dive deep skills
  •   Personalize your training based on your goals and requirements
  •   No package fee, no joining fee. Talk to mentors completely free
  •   Save your money. You only pay when you subscribe to training

What people are saying?


  •   Quite busy? No worries, no time commitment required
  •   Signup as a mentor in 2 minutes and host training when you will have bandwidth
  •   No fee charged for signup or hosting training
  •   No content creation required for hands-on training. Click here to know more
  •   Your training your price
  •   Doing it for first time, we help you get started
  •   Focus on your training leave the rest on us
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