Nitin Dhir MentorIF

Nitin Dhir

33, Male, Asian
Delhi, Delhi, India
English, Hindi
Offering mentorship & training
I have been in technology industry for last 12 years focusing towards newer aspects of technology from DevOps to ML to serverless computing.

Been part of organisations like Intel, Amazon and now Google gave me clarity on how these organisations work with a structured approach.

I can guide startups for either their reaching their design or architecture goals.

I can also help individuals in their career goals like making a career in ML or DevOps or how to join FAANG companies.
Mentoring focus areas
Mentoring Experience
7 years
Senior Architect - Cloud Computing
Science and Technology
Apr 2019 - Present
Delhi, Delhi, India
I work with Startups and help them deploy scalable, highly available and low maintenance solution on Cloud. I also ensure that they spend as little time and money as they can while doing so.
Computer science
B Tech
Aug 2006 - Mar 2010
Training & Certification
Google Professional Architect
Oct 2021 - Present
AWS Associate Architect
Aug 2020 - Present
AWS Pro.
AwS Professional Architect
Jun 2020 - Present
Professional Certification
Image Recognition Project for User identity
16 Dec 2021
AI for Vision
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