Why you need mentors

Everyone needs mentors. Actually nobody have made it without mentors. Ask any successful leader or manager what is the key of their own career success, you’ll get a wide range of answers. Chances are, though, that most of them will tell you they had great mentors and will attribute significance to those relationships in supporting their career trajectory.



In your field, changes happen more quickly. Your career, however, is not developing quickly enough to keep up with the market and the competition. Mentors can provide you with expert advice or hands-on instruction in a future-required skill. Mentors work as catalysts, increasing your dedication, learning rate, and providing the correct direction to help you stay focused.


Secure Desired Job

You desire to see yourself at a particular position or title. But have no idea how to get there. Mentors bring their extensive network of contacts and experience. Making connections with mentors can lead to new opportunities. The ideal tool for achieving desired chances and professional development is mentoring.

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Kick Start Career

Finding a job is a time-consuming and painful process whether you are a recent graduate or returning to the workforce after a break. To be sufficiently attractive and employable, you need both consistency and updated skills. At this point, finding mentors can be a big assistance. Mentors can point out areas where you can make improvements to your skills, CV, communication style, interview techniques, etc. In particular, HR/recruiter mentors can be a terrific way for you to meet your potential employer by gaining access to their networks.

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Aiming Job Promotion

Typically, it took place in a closed organisational structure. You will be mentored by a more senior and knowledgeable person who will assist you land a position and justify its demands. However, not every employee has the good fortune to do so. You can discover your mentors at MentorIF who will assist you in landing that position.

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You have an idea, a prototype, or anything else farther along, but you lack a mentor who can help you get over obstacles, develop strategies, and execute plans, among other things. Perhaps mentors can assist you with technology, marketing, sales, and other areas. You can discover investor or founder mentors who can undoubtedly assist you with your unique needs.

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