Different types of training


Multiple people join a training session to learn from mentor. While creating a new training mentor can choose 1:many option. When mentor starts a session, all subscribers are notified to join the training.

Host 1:many training


Mentor train one person at a time. For instance, mock interview training, mentor assess skills and competency of a person and share feedback/insights. While creating a new training mentor can choose 1:1 option. Though training is subscribed by many people but session is conducted with one subscriber at a time.

Host 1:1 training

Video Based

Mentor records training sessions and upload those videos under training curriculum. While creating a new training choose video-based option. Mentors can also leverage recorded videos of their live training to host a video-based training.

Host self-paced training


A mentor can collaborate with other mentors to host diverse and broad trainings. This option is available in both 1:1 and 1:many training. Mentor invite other mentors to collaborate. On acceptance other mentors become co-mentor to host training sessions together.

Collaborate with mentors
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