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Frequently asked questions

Dedicated mentor profile

Simply create your mentor profile to highlight how you can help others. All your profile details, training, feedback etc. are curated on a single page. A detailed profile helps people understand the mentor's skills and build trust. You can also share your profile link publically or people can find you on platform or search engines. People can follow you to get your updates.


Reachout to masses

Thousands of learners search for mentors and training at MentorIF. Search can be fine-tuned based on category, skills, location, experience etc. With one click, people can subscribe to training and book mentoring sessions. Your updates are sent to your followers, hash tag followers, historical subscribers etc.

Build your brand

MentorIF gives you access to data and tools that help you understand your diverse audience deeply. We share all the insights and intelligence. Suggestions on mentees and skills they want to learn. We help you network with other mentors with a diverse skills. One, you can collaborate with them to come up with new trainings. To know more


Focus on your expertise

MentorIF provides all the tools and tech for training management and delivery. Mentors need not to worry about marketing, getting leads, payments, subscribers, etc. It is all taken care. Just focus on providing quality mentoring and training to your learners. If you are mentoring for the first time, we help you get started, plan and host your first training.


No upfront fee, host unlimited

Mentor doesn't get charged for creating a profile or hosting training. Host unlimited training and mentoring sessions. We take only a 20% commission on the subscriptions sold. Mentors can also host completely free training. If you wish not to make money, we support and provide the same features and benefits as paid training.

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