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Leverage your knowledge and experience to help people learn and grow faster and better. Monetize and scale your mentoring efforts.

Showcase your knowledge and experience

A comprehensive mentor profile to showcase your skills, background, career path, things you care most and how you can help others. A snapshot of you to bring confidence in your potential mentees.

Diversity and inclusion

MentorIF host people from diverse background from around the globe. People from different walk of life such as students, professionals, entrepreneurs, founders, CXO etc. All come together to learn and grow.

Control is in your hand

By registering as a mentor, you don't commit to a specific time from your schedule. You choose how much time you want to give and how you would like to structure your mentorships and trainings. Don't worry if doing it for first time.

Monetize your expertise

Though it is a good cause, keeping people accountable and respectful is equally important. Did you know that paid mentorships and trainings have a higher success rate than free/volunteering-based ones?

Get all support you need

Even if you are doing it for the first time, you are not alone. We help to get started. Though, we provide all the resources and support team, our mentors community is quite helpful and supportive with questions and concerns.

Collaborate with peer mentors

MentorIF provides the technology and operational support for mentors to collaborate with peer mentors. So that they can come up with comprehensive training and mentorship programs. That would address a larger audience with diverse needs.

Dedicated mentor profile

Sign up using your social account, connect your LinkedIn profile, and tell people how you can support them, and you're done. Share the link to your profile with your network, or use the mentoring badges to drive traffic from your website. Setting a subscription fee allows people to sign up for your mentoring on a monthly basis.

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Help people globally

Thousands of learners around globe search for mentors and training at MentorIF. These people come from different backgrounds e.g. students, professionals, entrepreneurs etc. They may have specific or broad requirements. Leverage your skills and knowledge to help them with mentoring and training. Choose your price. However, you can offer your mentoring for free.

Build your brand

MentorIF gives you access to global learners communities and attracts the right learners. We also share insights and analytics that help you understand your diverse audience deeply. You can also collborate with other mentors to bring broader mentoring and training offerings to your learners. To know more

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Focus on your expertise

MentorIF provides all the tools and tech for mentoring and training management. You need not to worry about marketing, getting leads, sales, payments, feedback etc. It is all taken care. Just focus on providing quality mentoring and training to your learners. If you are doing this for the first time, we help you get started with mentoring and host your first training.

Learn to plan training  

Become Partner

Create profile and host unlimited training completely free. We become your technology partner, so you can offer your services and scale easily. Training management becomes super simple. Pay only 20% service fee (on reducing basis, for first 3 months service fee is 0%) on the payments you receive from mentoring and training. As you grow, the service fee will decrease accordingly. We also assist with training promotion.

No upfront fee

Create profile and start your services at no cost

No tech worry

Focus on quality, growth does not distract you

Grow more, pay less

Feel encouraged to grow and receive more benefits

Have any question?

No fees until you make money

Our service fees are taken as a percentage of your earnings. We charge you based on lifetime earnings with each mentoring or training program:

  • No fee for first 3 months
  • 20% for the first $500 you receive on your mentoring or training program
  • 15% of total billing between $500.01 and $5000
  • 10% of total billing between $5000.01 and $10000
  • 5% of total billing above $10000
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