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Gaurav Kumar

Founder & CEO

MentorIF journey started in 2020 to become a pioneer in the informal learning space, helping experts to scale their mentoring efforts and learners to find and learn from vetted experts.

Our mission to create a global platform for people to connect meaningfully to achieve their goals has bring us so far. We see ourselves becoming a world's mentoring marketplace where every day mentors/experts and learners from various background meet here to accomplish incredible things.

Like for so many, MentorIF has had a big impact on my life. Over the years I have understood what makes this platform really work: the relationships.

We see what you do

I have personally seen the passion and commitment that every mentor puts into their work here. Whether it’s a quick mentoring session or a long interactive live training - both mentors on MentorIF and our learners care about doing really well because they love what they do.

In fact, we designed it that way. Our mentoring marketplace aligns the goals of our learners with the goals of mentors on MentorIF so that outcomes are better and everyone grows. You’ll find tools to develop your skills, evolve your mentoring and training, and gain the control and freedom you need for success.

MentorIF is your school

If you’re a learner that’s come here to learn from others, use this school of independent mentors to learn better, faster and transform your life. If you’re a mentor that’s come here to help others, know that you are a valuable and instrumental part of someone’s life.

We make real connections and learning rewarding

We see your vision, and everything we do is an effort to help you make the connections that will turn that vision into reality, by building your Virtual Learners Group of trusted people.

The impact is both economic and personal, in the everyday and in the long run. When you find the right people, you stop learning to get by and start learning strategically.

That is when real opportunity emerges.

I can say with confidence that the MentorIF team - the team that serves you the mentor and you the learner - is still driven by our mission to create economic opportunity for our people around the world.

You’re our people now, and we’re glad that you’re here.

We can’t wait to see what you do.

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