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We all have our own lessons and experiences. Even a small amount of knowledge that you would like to share will help others learn and make their lives better. We are always on the lookout for those experiences and would like to see you contribute as a member of the MentorIF community or as a guest to educate, inspire, and inform people.

Introduction to MentorIF

If you would like to contribute to MentorIF blog, it is important that you know our mission, vision and goals.


Everyone has access to mentors. Making it simple to find mentors and learn from them. Creating a global marketplace (for people by people) to learn better and grow faster personally and professionally.


1. Enabling individuals to control their own growth and achieve their goals by connecting them with the right mentors.

2. Giving mentors a new and rewarding career of helping others.

Why you should contribute?

If you want high-quality backlinks from an emerging and respectable website. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise in the areas provided. It allows you to connect deeply with the global MentorIF community. We assist you in improving by sharing the best frameworks and approaches, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

How can you contribute?

You don't need a great topic or subject to write. We encounter and learn a variety of things in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. These insights will be extremely useful to others. A great way to connect with our audience is to choose those topics, gather additional insights, facts, and case studies, and mix it with your personal experience. You may not be an expert writer, but that's fine; we'll work with you.

Choose a topic from our list

Don't worry if you don't have any topics to write about. We will provide you with a list of topics from which you can choose. To learn more, please write to us at blogs@mentorif.com, and we will reply you back as soon as possible.

How to submit your blog

Send us the link to your content at blogs@mentorif.com. Make sure that the link you're sharing can be accessed. We only publish original content, no plagiarism. We will review your content, provide feedback if necessary, and publish it on the MentorIF blog if it is accepted. We will notify our community about your new published blog. If you are a MentorIF member, your blog will be linked to your MentorIF account; otherwise, it will be linked to an external link of your choice.

Content guidelines

When selecting a blog to publish on MentorIF, we adhere to our guidelines. We want you to keep these points in mind as you write.

Real content

we only accept original content without any plagiarism. More details on plagiarism

Minimum 1000 words

Write at least 1000 words or more

SEO focused

Focus on high-performing keywords, include the main keyword in the title and meta description, and use the main keyword at least 8 times in the content but no more than 23 times. Always use active voice when writing and avoid long paragraphs. More details on best SEO practises.

Good readability

Divide your content into small paragraphs of no more than 45 words each. Try to incorporate H2-H3-H4 headings into paragraphs. In headings, include secondary keywords and synonyms for the main keyword. Try to include infographics, tables, charts, and graphs for comparison and facts.

Catchy title

Use catchy titles to increase the click through rate. Title length should be 50-70 characters.

Avoid obvious mistakes

Needless to say, grammatical and spelling errors impede the reader from continuing to read and share the article.

Authentic external links

If you use external links for help, make sure the information is authentic. False or misleading information is detrimental to your credibility.

Well structured

People enjoy stories and add value by suggesting solutions and logic. Introduction, body, and conclusion are all well-structured templates.
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