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Founder, Director  At  Ilmtech
  Mumbai, India
Hey there! I'm the founder & director of Ilmtech - a Mumbai-based ed-tech startup. I design software for schools & libraries to make education more accessible & engaging. After completing my B.E in Computer Engineering, I wo ...
Product Development
UX Design
Web Applications
Full Stack Development
Software Engineer III  At  Walmart
  Delhi, India
Extensive experience in identifying and integrating appropriate technologies into a product. Have a good understanding of Various Technologies. Proven ability in providing technical leadership and executing projects with global, multi-site, cross ...
Career Counseling
Mockups (High Fidelity and l ...
Product Innovation
Product Management
Public Speaking
$40  / month  |  4 Sessions / month
Consultor  At  Finch Soluções
  Bauru, Brazil
I am the founder of the Icontem company that owns sites like This site is a big community of developers from all countries worldwide. Since 1999 about 1.6 million developers have registered on the site. I have built a business ...
Financial Analysis
Search Engine Optimization ( ...
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$20  / month  |  2 Sessions / month
Vice President - Technology  At  Nomura Research Institute Financ...
  Kolkata, India
I am working on android application development for a long time. Anyone need help with native or hybrid mobile application development can reach out to me.
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Senior Data Scientist  At  Oracle
  Thane, India
I come with an M.Tech, Data Science degree and 6 years of experience in machine learning, NLP, MLOps, and web application development. Utilizing my big data experience I have deployed ML models in production and managed them. I can certainly ...
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing ...