Shivakumar Mazhuvan MentorIF

Shivakumar Mazhuvan

26, Male, Asian
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
English, Tamil
Offering mentorship & training
Proficient engineering student with bachelor degree in information technology and done a PG diploma certification in machine learning and artificial intelligence where I gained hands-on-experience on python, data science techniques, ml algorithms and deep learning algorithms too. I own a firm where we create a working model based upon the user needs from the raw data collection as well as web development projects too. So these industrial and theoretical knowledge I gained in the past 6 years will make an eligible mentor as well an improvised learner too. I like to share my knowledge sameway I would like to learn from others no matter it is a 6 year child or 60 year elder, knowledge is wealth at any cause in whatever medium it is gained.
Mentoring focus areas
Mentoring Experience
2 years
Web Developer
Aibrn Labs
Web and Technology
Apr 2018 - Present
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
In our firm we build websites like portfolio sites, display pages, landing pages, scheme-based websites, CRM websites and a lot more.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Great Lakes University
Post Graduate Diploma
Mar 2019 - Feb 2020
Information Technology
Anna University
Sep 2012 - May 2016
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