The concepts you will discover here would help you not only earn money but achieving your career aspirations and goals, and solve your financial problems, including paying for your education and other expenses. So, attentively read this article and repeat it till it clicks in your head.

Undergraduate and graduate programs often last two to four years. College life is generally enjoyable for most students. The parents are always concerned about the costs. As the deadline for fees approaches, their concerns about how to arrange this substantial sum of money for fees begin to increase. Many parents apply for loans for students to cover program fees. A handful of lucky students get either state scholarship or national scholarship which covers their program expenses.

Once you are aware of this fact, you can tell your parents and reassure them that they don’t need to worry about paying for college in the future. Yeah, you did read that correctly. See how this will change your life for the better and lead you toward your career aspirations.

Spend the first year of college learning skills you’ll need to advance your career, such as databases, programming languages, digital marketing, SEO, content writing, etc. Technical skills or non-technical skills but make sure your skills are practical and useful in the workplace. Enroll yourself in training or courses to gain real-world skills. Don’t hesitate if you need to spend money on enrollment to acquire these skills. Consider it an investment. But during your first year of college, put your complete attention on gaining practical knowledge. Work on projects or issues from the real world while developing these abilities. This greatly enhances the value of your learning. Several unmistakable benefits are

  • Your information becomes knowledge as a result. You spend a lot of time studying theoretical material and frequently ignore its practical applications. When you begin applying this information in the real world, you transform information into knowledge that ingrains itself deeply and permanently in your minds.
  • The difficulties encountered while tackling a project or problem practically would enable us to investigate further which is very crucial to master skills thoroughly and comprehensively.
  • You learn the value of working together as a team. We can’t do everything by ourselves. People must assist us. This gives us the opportunity to understand people’s hopes and expectations. You will learn much more from a group of real people than from books, I assure you.
  • Holistic development: As you use your knowledge in real-world situations, your mind, abilities, perspectives, etc. grow holistically. You discover various approaches to a single issue and become better decision-makers.

These are only a few benefits of the actual implementation, though. Depending on the skills you are gaining and the issues you are resolving, there might be many more.

You ought to start as many projects as you can. Start by addressing a straightforward problem before moving on to more complex ones. The tasks you complete while acquiring new skills can be used to build a portfolio. You can watch a video we made on how to build a portfolio.

With this portfolio, you can start working professionally during your sophomore year. Freelancing and consulting are excellent choices. Now you might be wondering why companies would hire you if you haven’t even received your college degree. Many businesses around the world don’t use schooling as a qualification criterion. To them, your ability to perform the job is the only factor that matters. You are hired if you are able to do the job. 

These businesses are willing to recruit you and pay you well if you have the necessary skills and knowledge. You can work for foreign businesses or clients and get paid in US dollars or British pounds.

Otherwise, if you find it hard to get a paid job, look for startups. Specially, smaller one and very early stage. Work for them free for 2-3 months. Understand their tech, business and processes. Once you will be comfortable and reliable then you can request for a stipend. Finding such startups are not that hard. There are many platforms where startup founders post jobs such as Anglelist etc.

Here is a list of employers who prefer to see experience above schooling. You can begin a career in consulting.

Top 10 companies that don’t require college degree

15 companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree

Top 7 companies that don’t require college degree

The list of websites where you can begin your freelance career is provided below.

Best freelance websites

You might have worked so hard and acquired so many skills and in-depth knowledge by the time you graduate from college that any employer in the world would be delighted to hire you. You don’t need a college degree to find employment.

Now, some students would argue that there are also college examinations and homework, so this is not the only issue. We must finish them and spend time there as well.

Nobody is preventing you from doing that. You must manage your time since it is yours.

Even the companies you might work for are aware of this. They encourage you and offer you enough time to study for tests. During exam season, you might take a break from your work.

Once your exams are over, you can rejoin them. Some businesses will even pay you while you are on vacation as a kind gesture to keep you on staff for a longer period of time.

Now, this reasoning does not apply to first- and sophomore-year students only, but to third- or fourth-year students as well. You can earn a lot of money by consulting and freelancing using this strategy to achieve your career aspirations and career goals in addition to developing your skills and expertise. The sum of money that you can utilize to cover your educational expenses, provide financial support for your family as well as for other personal expenses.

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