How MentorIF Works

  • To help others and give back to the community and society.
  • To monetize your skills and knowledge. Let people subscribe to your mentoring. Host your paid training/courses and allow people subscribe to them. We have quite extensive and features rich LMS platform where you can manage your training, subscribers and communication.
  • To create your own personal brand. See how MentorIF can help you build your own personal brand.
  • Create your niche community or monetize your community.
  • Mentoring is the best way to learn.
  • Practice being a leader or become a better leader.
  • Achieve personal career gains.
  • Improve your productivity and strengthen the lessons you have learned.

Not. It is completely free. We don't charge any fee to mentors.

  • Click here to signup as a mentor
  • Complete your profile info 100%
  • Your profile gets published and visible to people
  • Receive mentoring requests from potential mentees
  • Host trainings, masterclass etc. How to plan a training?
  • Verification team may verify your account (if required) over an on-boarding call

We deduct a platform fee of 20% (on reducing basis) when you get paid for your mentoring and training work. When you grow, platform fee get reduced accordingly. If you choose to help people for free, we also do it for free (0% platform fee). You are not required to pay a fee to create your profile or to publish training or mentorship sessions.

Yes, it brings following benefits to you and your mentees.

  • It helps search engines rank your profile. People can find your profile through search on Google, Bing etc.
  • Profile is your first impression. It encourages potential mentees to show interest and contact you
  • Your profile is snapshot of your professional life. It demonstrates your past, present, things you care and matter to you. This gives clarity to viewers.
  • All of your mentoring and training activities are compiled in your profile. Therefore, readers can learn more about you with little effort.

Mentees have varying requirements and expectations. Despite the fact that they share their need/purpose while approaching. You are expected to assist them in the following ways.

  • You can offer your support by answering their queries or doubts. Try to be active and responsive.
  • You can offer your mentoring service by helping them acheive their goals.
  • You can train them gain new skills and knowledge with a customized/personalized training.
  • You can host your sessions/webinar/masterclasses/courses on MentorIF. Live practical sessions or recorded video sessions we support both.
  • You can engage with the people by sharing your content such as videos, blogs, articles etc.
  • People share their requirements in feeds. You can reply to those requirements.

We only expect open communication and empathy in negotiating what you can actually take on.

Your income and growth are directly related to the efforts you put in. Though there is no upper limit, the services you provide have an impact on your earning potential. You will certainly make good money if you are active and regularly host training/courses, etc.

Being a mentor and hosting training are independent. You can create your mentoring profile which takes less than 2 mins. In case your don't have time for conducting training immediately, you can do this in future when you'll get time. Receive monthly mentoring subscription requests and approve/decline based on your criteria. Click here to register as a mentor

This is not predefined. How much time you would like to dedicate to mentoring is completely depends upon your availability. You can choose your monthly available slots, as it is completely flexible. You can increase or decrease your involvement.

People book mentoring sessions or request personalized training or you can host training. Click here to see how to plan your training.

Not at all. You don’t have to leave your current job.

MentorIF provides a platform to mentors to add value to others' lives. We are committed to bringing technologies helping to establish and nurture connections and mentoring.

  • MentorIF helps you identify your skills.
  • MentorIF helps you build your identity, determine what you want to be known for.
  • MentorIF helps you define your audience.
  • MentorIF shares valuable information and insights which helps you update and upgrade yourself from time to time.
  • MentorIF helps you network with like minded people.
  • MentorIF collects feedback from your audience.
  • MentorIF helps you grow your mentoring efforts and impact the community.

Anybody can be a mentor. We believe it is a stage in life. When you acquire valuable skills and experience, people look up to you and want to learn from you.

There is no minimum qualification or criteria to become a mentor. However, we have a screening process through which we identify the potential of mentors.

For hands-on live training you need not to create any content. These training are projects driven and hardly require you to create content. In case content is required to cover theoretical concepts, you are free to use content available online to support your training such as blogs, videos etc. We don't restrict you to do that. Ideally it does not require you to create any content.

If you record your training and have recorded videos with you. You can leverage those videos further to host a video based training

In case you are more like a content creator, you can host your videos to monetize them.

You can still use the platform and its features as any other user without any restriction except you would not be able to host training/courses.

Your profile can be converted to normal user (mentee) profile.

Absolutely not. Hosting a training is mentor's choice. He/she can do it based on his/her time availability. Once your account is published on platform, feel free to plan training accordingly. We help you to host a couple of training initially. Click here to learn how to plan & host training

All information you have added to your profile, mentoring and training you have hosted, feedback etc. except your contact details.

It brings following benefits to you.

  • Let people know the ways you can help
  • Attract right auidence, interact with them and understand their needs
  • Cut the noise and do things that really matter and produce results
  • Build your communities and brand
  • Monetize your time and efforts
  • Stay active and relevant in community

If you are a first-time mentor, this is a critical step. You are most likely unaware of the needs of your mentees. This makes it difficult to plan a training. This strategy is implemented by expert mentors and produces excellent results.

Strategy 1: For a new mentor

  • Start with a small one session webinar or masterclass. Keep it free to attract masses.
  • The topic of the webinar/masterclass should be worth their time and should focus on providing value and learning.
  • Get feedback from the mentees and ask what topics they want you to cover in the next webinar/masterclass.
  • Once you understand the requirements well plan a training around requirements and target your mentees.

Strategy 2: For an experienced mentor

  • Host a training. Click here to know how to host a training.
  • Create a free webinar/masterclass using the module abstracts from the above training.
  • Attract a large number of people to the free webinar/masterclass and provide them value from module abstracts knowledge.
  • At the conclusion of the webinar, assist participants in understanding the full fledged training plan (all details) that you have already hosted, including who is eligible to attend, the advantages they will receive, how it will improve their life, etc.
  • Give the attendees the link of training so they may subscribe to it.
  • Give them instructions on what to do next after enrolling in your training. If they have any tasks to complete, things to prepare, etc.

Record your webinar/masterclass and upload the recording on MentorIF, Youtube or other social media channels.

Consider following steps while planning for training.

  • Look back to your professional/personal experience and pick some projects that you would like to choose to train people.
  • You may end up having multiple projects with varied size (small, medium, large) and complexity. Let's take one project for simplicity.
  • Identify all the technologies, libraries and tools used to develop the projects. Obviously you will prefer technologies you are most experienced in and suited to the project.
  • Now to help individuals develop this project, think if they should have the knowledge of programming languages and technologies used in the project. If you want people to subscribe to your training without any knowledge of these technologies, then you would need to help people learn the basics of technologies used. You may need to spend sometime to bring everyone on the same level of understanding so that you can start training on the projects. Consider this time as well in your training to enable individuals build and master basic skills.
  • Take into consideration, how much time a learner should take to build the basic skills on the technologies used.
  • You may take few hours to complete the project. But how much time a learner should take to complete the project is more important. Projects enable learners to solve problems using their skills and gain practical industrial/domain knowledge.
  • Spend time on details and go in depth with your learners.
  • To break a project into small-2 tasks is easy. If you ever worked on a task management system e.g. Jira etc. then breaking a project into stories, tasks and subtasks is quite easy.
  • In case you would like to add multiple small projects having varied complexity, size and scope under one training, feel free to consider the above tips.
  • Generally to solidify the learning, having multiple projects of same size makes sense. In one project you may have to assist a lot, but other projects allow learners to use their learning and practice themselves with less of your assistance.
  • Decide what should be the right time to conduct training sessions. For working professionals after working hours or weekends training sessions make more sense.
  • Next, decide the frequency of training sessions either daily, alternate days, some specific days of week or weekends etc. Keep the consistency in mind. Too much gap in two consecutive training sessions is not good.
  • Frequency decided above would help you to reach you to the end date of your training
  • Also, you would be able to understand how much time your training would take to complete.
  • You are good to go now.

In case you find it difficult to perform the above exercise by yourself, don’t worry. Our team helps all mentors to plan and host trainings initially. Once you are self sufficient then you can do it by yourself.

Still have some queries? Talk to our team at or our call/whatsapp number +919560211549. We will help you plan and schedule your training to get you started.

Generally training is conducted on three kinds of projects: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner projects are more suitable for people learning technology for the first time. Either they are in the early stage of their learning/career or aspire to change their career from non technical to technical field.

People have basic knowledge of technology, intermediate projects are more suitable for these people. Generally these people know the technical nuances, syntax and have built small programs to practice their basic skills. They look to enhance their skills by developing some projects under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Advanced projects are suitable for experienced people or one who have crossed the intermediate stage. They understand the technology well but never got a chance to practice some serious projects on that technology.

However, the above explanation is not strictly restricted. It may change with the situation and requirements of a person.
  • Sign-in into your MentorIF account.
  • Make sure your profile is published.
  • In header top right corner, click Me.
  • Click Hosted Trainings. This will open LMS in a new browser tab.
  • By default it will open up your currently published training. In case you are using LMS for the first time you will see No results
  • In the top right side, click Add new training.
  • Choose a type of training, either Self paced or Live mentor led.
  • Self paced training is video based training. While creating a training mentor would be uploading the videos. Subscribers can learn from videos based on their schedule.
  • Live mentor led training is conducted by mentor personally.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter a title and description, and select a category.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter technologies used in your training. Start by typing a name in the textbox and it will show you matching results.
  • Choose a desired name from the shown list.
  • To add multiple technologies repeat step 8,9.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose the benefits from the shown list, if they are relevant to your training. Primary benefits are direct benefits that a subscriber would receive.
  • In case your training benefits are not shown in the default list, on the right side click Plus to add your custom benefits.
  • You can also add complimentary benefits shown in the default list or your own.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose eligibility criterias from the shown list. Add eligibility criterias to attract the right audience.
  • In case default shown eligibility criterias does not fit in your requirements, on the right side click Plus (+) to add your own eligibility criterias.
  • Prerequisites are different from eligibility criteria. Prerequisites are a must have list for subscribers to subscribe to your training. For instance, you want to host an advanced training in python and want subscribers to have basic python understanding. So, having a basic understanding of python is one eligibility criteria of your training.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter a start date and start time of training.
  • Enter duration (how long one training session would be?) i.e 30 mins or 60 mins or even more.
  • Timezone would show your local timezone by default. In case you would like to host training in a different timezone, choose one accordingly.

    Note: Don’t forget to adjust the start time in case you change the timezone.
  • Recurrence

    One time means there will be one session only for training.
    Repeat means multiple sessions will be there in a training.
  • Repeat Every

    Choose 1 and day means training session will be conducted every day
    Choose 2 and days means training session will be conducted every alternate day
    Choose 3 and days means training session will be conducted every 3 day

    Choose 1 and week means training session will be conducted every week
    Choose 2 and weeks means training session will be conducted every alternate week
    Choose 3 and weeks means training session will be conducted every 3rd week

    Days of the week (which days of week the sessions will be conducted). Choose all 7 week days if training will be conducted from Sunday to Saturday, else choose specific.

    Choose 1 and month means training session will be conducted every month
    Choose 2 and months means training session will be conducted every alternate month
    Choose 3 and months means training session will be conducted every quarter

    Choose a monthly date and day to set the recurrence right.

    Choose 1 and year means training session will be conducted every year
    Choose 2 and years means training session will be conducted every alternate year
    Choose 3 and years means training session will be conducted every 3rd year
  • Ends

    Never means training will never end. If this option is selected then the system will automatically put an upper limit.
    On means training will end on the selected date.
    After means training will end after a selected number of sessions.

    Note: System will automatically calculate the training's end date based on the option chosen from above list.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter the number of seats available (maximum number of subscribers can subscribe to training).
  • Enter price. Currency will be shown in the right. For instance INR/subscriber. To host free training enter zero (0).
  • Click Submit for approval.
  • Training sent for approval can be seen under the Pending approval section.

Only, video based training require admin approval. Approval is given within 24 hours. Other types of training don't require approval and can be published by mentors immediately.

Once a training is approved, it gets published on the platform. You will get a confirmation email on your registered email address.

Mentor gets an email on registered email address once a user subscribe to your training. You can also see the subscribed users' details in LMS under subscribers section on training details page.

All training links are accessible publicly (no login required to view the training details). So, use that link to share on your social network, whatsapp etc.

As a mentor you can choose the price of your training. We only suggest a competitive price so that it becomes relevant and encouraging to subscribers. In the end, the decision is yours.

Each mentor and training is different. You can talk to MentorIF team to understand the right price of your training.

Yes, you can. You have two options.

Create a copy option, create a duplicate training and allow you to change the details before submitting for approval. Duplicate trainings are stored in the Draft trainings section in case of unfinished changes.

Copy and Submit helps you to quickly make a copy of a training and submit it for approval. It would ask for the schedule of this new training only and rest all the details will be copied as it is.

You can host as much training as you want. There is no upper limit.

Absolutely no. You can host training for free. We only take commission when you get subscribers on the training.

In case your training is project based and more practical then it is least required. You can use the online resources such as blogs, videos which you find appropriate to support your training and share them with the subscribers during training.

LMS allows you to share the links and other materials once a training session is completed. In case you would like subscribers to read/view some material before training then you can share it at the end of previous training or directly in the chat with the subscriber.

In LMS you can create tasks and assign them to subscribers. They will perform the tasks and submit it back to you. You can see the task submission and also who has not submitted. Submissions timestamp and delays are highlighted for better understanding. You can share your feedback on the submissions with subscribers and they will resubmit after working on your feedback.

Also, you can tag a task as a project. Completed tasks tagged as projects will be added to subscribers' portfolios.

Once training is marked completed, you can generate completion certificates. LMS allows you to generate certificates for all subscribers in one click or individual subscribers one by one. LMS sends the certificates to subscribers via email. Certificates can also be browsed through url shared with subscribers via email. Completed training and certificate adds to subscribers’ portfolios.

To host live training, you can use Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team etc. Jitsi Meet is another cloud based free video calling platform. It provides free video recording facility. You can record your video calls which get stored in your dropbox account automatically.

Choose a tool based on your and subscribers mutual convenience.

  • Keep your profile up to date and write a relevant message when applying to increase your chances of approval.
  • It is critical for a mentor to understand what you are looking for and why you are applying.

If you are a mentee

  • Click Me present at top right corner in your desktop browser or hamburger menu () in mobile browser.
  • Click Requests & Invitations.
  • Click Pending requests.

If you are a mentor

  • Click Me present at top right corner in your desktop browser or hamburger menu () in mobile browser.
  • Click Mentorships & Trainings.
  • Click Requests in left panel.
  • Click Mentorship.

Once a mentor accept the mentorship requests, following events happen.

  • Mentor specifies a start date and time for the mentorship session.
  • A mentorship program will be created by system
  • If the mentorship is free, the mentee will be automatically enrolled in the mentorship program.
  • If the mentorship is paid for, a payment request with the payment options and amount will be sent to the mentee. The mentee will be enrolled in the mentorship program once payment is received. Till then mentorship request will remain under process.
  • A confirmation email with a calendar invite will be sent to the mentor and mentee.
  • Click on Add to Calendar present in email to reserve your calendar for the specified date and time.

The system managed the entire process. Mentor and mentee have nothing to do except make a payment in response to the request received by mentee.

If you have any questions or encounter a problem, please contact the support WhatsApp number for immediate assistance or send an email.

Ideally, yes. However, before re-applying, make sure you consider the mentor's feedback. You should apply to other mentors as well.

On the day of the session of mentorship programs, both the mentor and the mentee are notified of the upcoming sessions. If you have already scheduled your calendar by clicking on the Add to calendar link sent in the confirmation email, you will be reminded by calendar inbuilt reminders.

  • Mentor always starts the session. To start a session, go to mentorship program. Click here to find your mentorship program.
  • On the program details page, scroll down and click on sessions tab.
  • A list of sessions will be shown. Go to the desired session.
  • In the right side of session click 3-dots ().
  • Click on Start.
  • In the pop-up that appears, enter the meeting link. Mentors and mentees can agree to use Zoom, Meet, Teams, Jitsi, or another video calling service. It is preferable to record the session for future reference. Feel free to request the recording from your mentor.
  • Click submit.
  • The provided meeting link will be emailed to the enrolled mentees.
  • Mentees can join the session by clicking the link in the email or by going to the mentoring programme to which they have subscribed. Click here to access the subscribed mentorship program.
  • When the session is finished, the mentor can mark it as complete by clicking Complete present under 3-dots ()

Before concluding the session, you should also discuss the next session's timing. If you are unable to make a decision at that time, discuss it later.

Mentor can create a new session by clicking on plus () present at the right top of sessions tab. The schedule for the new session will be emailed to mentees and mentors so that they can reserve their calendars by clicking Add to calendar link present in email. This allows mentors to keep adding future sessions as needed. The frequency of sessions can be agreed upon by both parties.

Once mentorship program is over, a mentor can mark the program complete by click on Manage -> Mark Completed present at the top right of the page. Mentees will be notified via email when the mentorship programme is completed. Feedback is also requested from mentees.

If you are a mentee

  • Click Me present at top right in your account in desktop browser or hamburger menu () in mobile browser.
  • Click My Subscriptions.
  • Click Upcoming for all the upcoming mentorships and trainings.
  • Click Subscribed for all the subscribed mentorships and trainings.

If you are a mentor

  • Click Me present at top right in your account in desktop browser or hamburger menu () in mobile browser.
  • Click Mentorships & Trainings.
  • Click Events -> Today's events to see all the upcoming mentorships and trainings.
  • Click Events -> Other events to see all the mentorships and trainings.
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