Many benefits are offered to employees by FAANG companies in an effort to keep them on board and attract in fresh talent. The benefits comparison table below would be very helpful to you if you are an FAANG employee or are looking to work for one of the FAANG companies or in general.

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  1. Health & Wellness
FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison – Health & Wellness

Facebook clearly leads the way in terms of health and wellness advantages, followed by Google. Amazon is in last place, while Apple is followed by Netflix in third place.

2. Family

FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison - Family
FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison – Family

FAANG companies prioritize family and provide benefits that are remarkably comparable.

3. Finance

FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison - Finance
FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison – Finance

While Netflix tops the list for salary, Google and Apple are the leaders in terms of financial benefits. The full-time employees at Facebook, Google, and Apple are also paid well. For additional information on wage comparison, see FAANG Companies Interview Process Comparison . Amazon is ranked last among the FAANG companies.

4. Community

FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison - Community
FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison – Community

In terms of community comparison, Google, which has the greatest understanding of the significance of community development, is ahead of other FAANG companies. Regarding Netflix’s initiatives to foster a sense of community among its staff, nothing is known.

5. Other Benefits

FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison - Others
FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison – Others

The only FAANG companies that offer additional benefits to its employees are Google and Apple.


Health & Wellness51234
Other Benefits11415
FAANG Companies Benefits Comparison – Conclusion

Google is undoubtedly at the top, offering its employees the most benefits, followed by Facebook and Apple. In the benefits analysis, Netflix is leading the Amazon standing in last.

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